Sunday, March 11, 2018

Candidate and proven thief Lauren Staley Ferry

With our primary election around the corner, we have a fraud on our books for clerk. The Democratic candidate Lauren Staley Ferry has committed a felony and has not even taken the time to actually pay back the company she stole money from.

If you as a voter and or concerned citizen are as worried as we are please vote for any other candidate. For those who do not have the insight Ferry had taken a check from a former employer and made it out to herself. When caught she moved out of state and she went on to continue moving. When this issue was brought to light sure Ferry apologized but there was no attempt to repay this debt no attempt to fix her wrong, rather she apologized and publically talked about how hard it was to be blasted with her own mistake.

This only goes to show a lack of responsibility for her own actions let alone the way she may run the county clerks office if she even can!

4 things to think about before voting 

1. Ferry has committed felony theft and our current clerk's office has been clean of corruption.
2. Ferry has not repaid her debt to her former boss.
3. Ferry may not even be bondable to be our clerk due to her criminal record.
4. Mike Madigan sent his team to support Ferry only showing this could lead to more issues for Will County.

Ferry in the news

A Will County Board member running for county clerk was charged with felony forgery in 2003 but never appeared in court for the case.
Lauren Staley-Ferry, D-Joliet, was charged with the felony forgery in Maricopa County, Arizona. Staley-Ferry had lived and worked in Maricopa County but moved from there to Wisconsin before the charge was filed.
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